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Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, 11/93 - 2/98
President, and CEO, 11/93 - 6/97

In the early 1990s I retired from the academic world and entered the business world by founding AlphaGene, Inc., a genomics and proteomics company focused on the discovery of genes associated with disease states, particularly those in the brain including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, temporal-lobe epilepsy, trauma and cancer. I served as Chairman, President and CEO of AlphaGene from 1993 through 1997.

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•  Responsible for the strategic direction of the Company

•  Raised $10 million in four successful private placement financings

•  Prepared strategic business plans and marketing brochures.

•  Together, with Chief Financial Officer, prepared operating budgets, P&L statements, balance sheets, and financial projections.

•  Established initial operations in the Charlestown Navy Yard Biotech Park in 1994 (3,000 sq. ft.) and moved business to Woburn , MA to expand operations in 1996 (10,000 sq. ft. in 6/96; 15,000 sq. ft. in 9/97).

•  Supervised a recruitment program which increased the number of employees from three in 11/94 to 35, including eight Ph.D.s, in 6/97.

•  Responsible for presentations to investments bankers, the scientific community, and potential clients.

•  Supervised the establishment of five core technologies which enabled the first disease-based, full-length genomics platform, AlphaGenomicsT, for expressed human genes.

  • Molecular Biology - Synthesis of Full-Length, EXpressed gene (FLEX™) libraries. This patented technology provides the first technology platform capable of synthesizing cDNA libraries with high concentrations of full-length genes.
  • Gene Family Selection (FLEX-FamilySelect™) - Identifies new members of known gene families.
  • Gene Expression (FLEXpression™) - Uses high density microarray technology on biochips to identify disease-related genes according to their differential expression between normal and diseased tissues.
  • DNA sequencing (FLEX-AutoSeq™) - The first automated platform for rapidly obtaining high quality (6-10 fold coverage) DNA sequences in full-length cDNAs. Demonstrated throughput of 200 full-length genes per month.
  • Bioinformatics (FLEX-IS™) - Patent pending technology developed to automatically analyze the structural and functional features of full-length genes. The front end configured with an ease-of-use, point-and-click, drag-and-drop, icon-based query engine that substitutes for standard query language. Together, these two innovative features enable advanced data mining/discovery by individual scientists at platform-independent, point-of-research work stations.

•  Supervised the acquisition of scientific proof of principle for each of the core technologies.

•  Implemented successful commercialization of the Company's technology:

  • Genetics Institute contract signed in February, 1998.
  • NEN Life Sciences contract signed in August, 1998.